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At UUCA, we believe in religious education across the lifespan. Every age group can learn about issues that are relevant to their ethical, spiritual, and day-to-day life. From expansive, queer-inclusive sex education for our eighth graders, to adult programs on conflict resolution and personal faith development, we are proud to offer enriching classes for all! Click on your age or interest group below to get started.

Soulful Start

During the program year, we offer Soulful Start, an hour of intergenerational programming on Sundays at 10. Drop in to an Adult Religious Education program on Curiosity, connect with parents in The Village, or get your child signed up for their age group’s class! Soulful Start is currently on summer hiatus and will return on August 18th.

Climate Hub

In UUism, we believe in celebrating and defending the interdependent web of existence. The task of caring for our planet in our current climate, however, can be overwhelming! Visit the UUCA Climate Action Team hub for tips, musings, and resources to make the urgent work of sustainability feel doable and joyful.  Click here or visit uuca.org/climate.