In Community- Siding with LOVE, Called to ACTION

Here is where we are in 2018: 

Today, many of my friends are suddenly considering homeschooling their children. They are keeping them home today. They are taking a mental health day. They are terrified to drop their children off, taking a last lingering look as as their child walks into the school before driving off to work. We have lost our trust that our elected officials will keep our children safe, for their greed has made them compromised. 

Today is the right day to talk about serious gun control, and to take action.

Today is the right day to talk about toxic masculinity, and how the vast majority of these perpetrators are young white men. 

Today is the right day to talk about re-funding mental health services in our schools and in our communities, without demonizing or further marginalizing those who struggle with mental health.

For Parents:  limit your children’s access to the news, especially images. Manage your own anxiety without your children present.  Help them feel safe in whatever way you can.  If they have fears, listen to them, and give them space.  Light a candle at dinner, and share gratitude for each other.

For All of Us:  Take a minute to hold these families in your hearts today, who have lost their children to gun violence in their school. Light a chalice at home, spend a moment in silent meditation.  And then, let your prayers lead you to action. Call your senators.  Write your Congresspeople. Write a letter to the editor. 

Myself and other UUCA congregants and staff will be joining ‘Moms Demand Action’ on Feb. 21st at 10:00AM at the state capitol building. We must use our voices, our agency and our shared horror to make our communities safer. Please join us.    

As people of faith, let us not become numb to the profound tragedies of our time. May we instead become seeds of change that grow powerfully into a safer and more loving future.  

In Faithful Partnership,

Event Information
For event details, logistics, and updates, visit the “Moms Demand Action” Facebook event HERE!

The Women Empowered group is organizing a carpool from UUCA to MARTA. For more information contact Jackie Spierman.