In Community -Dance

As we enter into a new year, I invite you to consider a special definition of the word “God” that I came across recently at a yoga retreat, in the context of a song.


The singer sang:

Not the God of No or Yes

Not the God of Sin or Salvation

But the God that says only four words over and over:

“Come dance with me.”


The year is a wheel. It has turned, and now 2018 is upon us. What is it time to let go of in your life? What is it time to do more of, or less? What is it time to start? What is it time to forgive, or to acknowledge, or to challenge, or to dare?


God or Higher Self or Deep Conscience (or whatever your favored name for the wisdom and light within) calls us to come dancing, but that dance will be different for everyone.

What will your dancing in 2018 look like?

Did you know that you are already held in God’s arms, and music is already playing, and the dancing is already happening? God is whispering in your ears so you can keep up, so you can know the next steps.

Listen to the whispered words. What are the whispered words saying? Let the words come, and perhaps you might write them down in a letter to yourself. Beyond this, you might even be more outrageous and give the letter to a friend for safekeeping, asking them to send it to you sometime in 2018 (without telling you first!).

Let the letter come as a surprise. Let it reorient you at a time when you are knee-deep in 2018 and the possibility that feels so fresh now is worn away.

Those precious whispered words come not from the God of No or Yes

or the God of Sin and Salvation

but the God that says only four words over and over:

“Come dance with me.”


Love and courage,