In Community – Caring

One of the most crucial and enlivening ways we can create sacred space in our community is through listening to each other. Many of the most profound moments in ministry for me have come when I had the opportunity to really listen, or to really be heard. I had the privilege of listening to men at the First Parish Cambridge Homeless Shelter in divinity school, and of listening to youth and young adults in my roles as a counselor at a Quaker camp, and with UUCA and our UUA. I love the feeling of describing a very specific feeling or reaction to another person and having them know exactly what I mean, or just being affirmed that I am not the only one who is as stressed and fearful as I have ever been right now.


Pastoral listening is one of the gifts of ministry that, in our democratic faith tradition, we all have the privilege of sharing with each other. Our UU communities are defined, in part, by all of us being there for each other. Our third principle states that we promise “acceptance of one another and encouragement to spiritual growth in our congregations.” At UUCA, this means that in addition to your ministers being here for you, we have a decades-long practice of trained lay ministers providing pastoral care also. Providing pastoral care for a community as large as ours is a big job, and we could not be who we are without our lay ministers. If you have something going on if your life right now that it would be helpful to talk about, I hope you will reach out and let me know, so that we can connect with you.


If you are the kind of person who is a good listener and likes being there for people in their times of need, I hope you will consider applying to be a lay minister; we have extended the application deadline to Dec 7th. Thank you all for being part of a loving and caring community, and for showing up with your vulnerabilities, as well as your strengths.

Lear. more about becoming a lay minister and apply HERE.

In Community,