In Community – Build a Friendship Library

In 2006, our UUCA congregation got together and raised $17,000 to build a library in Nkyenenkyene village, Ghana. The project began when I was looking for a service project to celebrate my 60th birthday. I wanted to use my birthday as an opportunity to make a meaningful impact in the world, and invite others to join me.

So, I contacted Dr. George Ayittey, economics professor from Ghana and he encouraged us to fund a school library. “Do it,” he said, “and the education you are making possible for these children will change their lives forever. I grew up in a village like this one. You will make a difference.”

The library is adjacent to a school which had no books for students. Our contribution of both money and books was coupled with labor by the villagers who actually constructed their Library.

More than a decade has gone by. So I wondered, “How is the library doing?” After speaking with Dr, Ayittey, I was glad to hear that the library was thriving! He said it was very popular with both children and adults and it was used by citizens in villages up to five miles away. “Lots of wear and tear,” he said, because it gets used so much.

Dr. Ayittey suggested building a second library in a village 5 miles from the original. It will spread the users between villages and eliminate barriers to access. “See if your UUCA would consider, once again, raising money so Teacher Mante villagers can build a library for their village school with their own labor,” he said.

So, we’re doing it again! Inspired by this story and the chance to help other youth in their pursuit of an education, our UUCA youth are undertaking this project. They are enthusiastically planning several event to help them in their goals of raising $8,000.*

Because the amount of money to be raised is large and the financial resources of teenagers is small, they are going to be relying on the UUCA adults to contribute very generously when they are asked by UUCA youth.

I hope you will open your hearts and your pocketbooks and help make this project a success. Their goal is to have the money raised by June 1and send it on its way to Ghana to purchase the blocks and mortar and paint the villagers will need. They are excited and so are we. Please help us make this dream a success.

Love to you all,
Joy Borra