In Community- A World for Our Children

A World for Our Children

Last week my daughters were on “lockdown” at school for 2 hours.  2 hours of worry and fear mixed with boredom and not being able to leave their classrooms.  Armed police men and women were combing the building, looking for a single individual. I know all of this because, in a way, I experienced it alongside them through constant text messaging.
Two weeks ago my eldest daughter came home and relayed a conversation her class had with one of their teachers.  He told them that if there was ever a shooter in the building they had to stay really quiet because he didn’t want to die, but would do what needed to be done to keep them safe.
Right after the most recent shooting both of my daughters, independently, shared with me a social media article about how an 8-year-old told her mom she couldn’t wear her light up shoes anymore because the shooter would be able to see her.
We on the UUCA staff know firsthand that it is a sad, scary, defeating time to be a parent: to be a person, in our society that can’t see the forest for the trees.  Unitarian Universalism calls us to live our faith, to create the world we want to live in.  In that vein, I am so thankful for Rev. Makar’s Response to Gun Violence Classes and the positivity I have seen around the UUCA involvement in the March for Our Lives event later this month. I hope I see you at the march. I will be there with both of my daughters – showing the world what is important to me.

In Community,

Michelle Bishop