make something happen at uuca!

Our community is filled with visionaries who are always coming up with new programs and events. Use this page and the forms below to make your idea a reality! Thanks to Foothills UU for allowing us to adapt your forms and system.

Note: if you are part of an existing group at UUCA, you only need to use this process if you need additional church resources outside your usual functioning (e.g. staff time, funds, etc.).

step one: the sweet spot

Find 3 other people to collaborate with on your concept. If you are part of an existing group, at least 1 of these 3 collaborators must not be a part of the said group so as to serve as an objective peer. Use the sweet spot worksheet (linked below) to carefully consider whether your idea or initiative fits in the “sweet spot” of our mission, ministry, and community life. 

step two: make something happen

Once you have discerned whether your idea meets the sweet spot, complete and submit the online form below. Once you submit the form, the assigned staff member will contact you within 14 days to discern next steps. Note: there is no place to submit the Sweet Spot worksheet at the below link. When a staff member contacts you, you can talk through your discernment process together.