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As Unitarian Universalists we practice congregational polity, which means each of our congregation is self-governing, choosing our own leadership, handling our own finances, and choosing our own delegates to General Assembly, our national annual convening. Central to our work of building beloved community is establishing a covenant, a shared agreement of how we act together, support one another, and seek to create healthy relationships in the course of our shared religious experience. Our UUCA Covenant of Health Relationship is an aspiration goal post to create such an environment. 

Members of the congregation are the ultimate authority for UUCA. The congregation typically gathers for two Congregational Meetings each year, held in December and May. The Senior Minister is called by a vote of the congregation, and the membership has adopted and periodically amends our UUCA Bylaws.

An elected Board of Trustees represents the congregation and conducts congregational business, subject to authority granted under our Bylaws. The Board governs through Board Policies and acts on behalf of the congregation to further our mission.

The Nominating Committee presents nominees for the Board and for itself to the membership for election.

The work of the congregation is done by ministry teams, groups of many shapes and sizes that plan events, run ongoing programs, or develop new initiatives. Each ministry team has a staff liaison, and congregants are encouraged to go to staff for help with new ministry team ideas.


Visit the UUCA Policies and Procedures page to read and review the current versions of UUCA policies and procedures.

Congregational Covenant

UUCA Congregational Covenant

“We need not think alike to love alike.” One of our Unitarian Universalist ancestors, Francis David, spoke those words more than 400 years ago to describe the foundation of our unity as a religious community. This Covenant of Healthy Relationships affirms the foundation of our unity at UUCA. Our commitment to one another ensures that our community will be a safe and inspirational place in which we, as individuals and groups, can live out our spiritual journeys.The purpose of this covenant is to increase awareness of actions that each of us can take to nurture and support our beloved community. To this end, we, the people of the Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Atlanta, affirm the following Covenant of Healthy Relationships:

We will be mindful of how we communicate with and about others.

We intend to:

  • Listen actively and seek to understand the perspectives and opinions of others
  • Use “I” statements when expressing our own views, always mindful that our thoughts and opinions may not be shared by others
  • Be respectful and kind in our words, tone, and body language
  • Use email and other forms of electronic communication with respect, kindness, and special care
We will seek a peaceful and constructive resolution process when conflicts arise.

We intend to:

  • Communicate directly with the person or group involved, instead of gossiping or speaking negatively about others in the wider community
  • Assume that others act with good intentions
  • Check the accuracy of our perceptions and assumptions
  • Be forgiving and loving when we or others make mistakes
  • Apologize, when warranted, and seek to make amends
  • Call on congregational resources when help is needed
We will celebrate the diversity within our community.

We intend to:

  • Reach out to others with warmth and kindness in a spirit of welcome
  • Recognize and honor the diversity of beliefs and spiritual paths within our community, including the words and ways people choose to express their spirituality
  • Be curious, appreciative, and informed about perspectives that differ from our own
  • Honor the contributions and needs of those who have been historically marginalized in the larger world and in our congregation, and seek growth in our ability to be welcoming
We will build the common good.

We intend to:

  • Build mutual trust through an honest and responsible use of information
  • Contribute our gifts of time, talents, and financial resources
  • Encourage and support the involvement of everyone in the life of our congregation
  • Express gratitude and appreciation for the contributions of others
  • Respect the roles and responsibilities of congregational leaders
  • Respect UUCA’s established policies and procedures

Board Of Trustees

Christian Harden



Jason Delaney

Finance Trustee


Dave Spierman



Jennifer Thilo



John Duggar

Trustee At Large


Jen Bain

Trustee At Large


Jon Johnson



Sean Golan



Sharon Glass



Nominating Committee

Alice Harvey

Suzanne Wilson

Susan Loeffler

Barbara Begner

Chris Martin

Minutes and Finance Reports

Finance Report: October 2019

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Finance Report: September 2019

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UUCA Board Minutes- October 22, 2019

Board President: Christian Harden Board president Elect: Jennifer Thilo Financial Trustee: Bryce Thomason Secretary: Sean Golan Board Members: Jen Bain, John Duggar, Sharon T. Glass, Jon Johnson, Dave Spierman Meeting Host: Sean Process observer: Jon C …

Congregational Meeting- Dec 8th

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Finance Report: August 2019

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UUCA Board Minutes: August 27, 2019

Announcements Donuts and Discussion- September 22, 2019. The topics are Healthy Relations Team and ARAOMC Team from 10:35am-10:50am Inquirer’s Series- Board member is invited to attend, September 22, 2019 Mountain Summit Representative, Carolyn Shaklee …

Our 2020 Stewardship Campaign was one of the most successful pledge drives in recent history. We thank you all for you support of our beloved faith community. At our December 2020 congregational meeting we passed the 2020 Operating Budget that include exciting investment in our Religious Education, Membership, and Social Justice programs. Click here to review the 2020 UUCA Operating Budget. 


The work of UUCA is guided by a comprehensive set of executive policies and procedures, organized into eight functional categories. Click HERE to view the UUCA Policies and Produres page