Going the Distance Update

One of the ways we live UUCA’ s mission is by supporting it financially through our annual pledges. Like many congregations, UUCA is self-sustaining, and is supported primarily by pledge dollars. All our many ministries of spiritual growth, caring, service, and action in the wider community are possible through people’ s financial gifts.

As of Tuesday, October 26, 243 pledges have come in, for a grand total of $559,229. Thank you so much for your generosity!

We’ re still waiting to hear from 378 pledgers, so please let us hear from you today. You can make your pledge by (1) doing it on line at uuca.org, (2) bringing your pledge by the UUCA office, or (3) going to the stewardship table in the social hall after services. We’ re asking people to do this no later than November 15th. Please let us hear from you by then—give until it feels good!