Stewardship 2021

Preferred Method: Login or Register to Make a Recurring Payment via credit card or check

You can support UUCA by setting up a recurring gift with either your credit card or checking account. You can setup multiple payment plans and manage your own account easily. This is our preferred payment method.

Click here to Login or Register!

We Accept Paypal

In a few simple steps you can support the incredible work of our congregation using your paypal account.

Click here to give via PayPal

Transfer Stocks or Securities from your Brokerage or Retirement Accounts

Donating securities for your capital campaign or annual financial  commitment can have tax and other advantages. Only you and your  financial advisor can determine when this is appropriate for you.

Individual Stocks:

If you  would like to donate individual stock securities or electronically traded funds (ETF), use the link below for instructions.

Stock and Security Transfer Instructions

If your gift is mutual funds specifically:

Direct your broker to contact our custodian, Charles Schwab, at 602.355.9003. Please be sure your broker confirms the BIN number for mutual fund transfers with Charles Schwab prior to delivery. All deliveries must reference UUCA and account number 4093-1634. For mutual fund transfers, it is advised that you (the donor) write a short letter to initiate the gift transfer. This letter should include your account information and signed by you.

Mail your payment to our current address.

If you prefer to mail your gift, please send your check to:

1190 West Druid Hills Drive NE, Suite #150
Atlanta, GA 30329

In the memo line, please note if you are making a general donation, a payment toward your annual pledge or a payment toward your capital campaign pledge.

Give by Text Message from your Phone.

You can make a gift to UUCA texting “UUCA” and the dollar amount you would like to give to 73256.

See the image below!

Give VIa Text

Donate to the Capital Campaign - Building a New Way... Together!

You can send in a capital campaign pledge using any of the methods above if you’ve already had a vist and made a pledge.

If you haven’t made a pledge and wish to learn more about our new church home, please request a visit HERE. We’d love to tell you all about our plans and share our vision for UUCA’s future.