Frequently Asked Questions for UUCA’s
Fun 4 Fund$ Auction



Q: What can I donate?
A: The sky is the limit! Besides physical items, “happenings” are very popular — services, dinners, tickets, and other participation events. A sampling of donation ideas is at the bottom of this page.

Q: Are there restrictions on donations?
A: Yes, a few:
• Minimum estimated value $25.
• Physical items should be new or like new, except for art, jewelry, antiques and collectibles (specialty items)
• No clothing*
• No large furniture or other large items that cannot be transported by one person*

*If an item of clothing or furniture is particularly desirable (e.g. antique, valuable, collectible…) we may accept it. Please contact Aaron at to inquire.

Q: How do I donate?
A: Fill out the donation commitment form HERE.

Q: When should I bring in my donated items and where should I leave them?
A: Prior to the auction you will be contacted to arrange a drop-off time on a Sunday morning or at a Wonderful Wednesday.

Q: What is the donation deadline?
A: October 17!

Q: What is the deadline for bringing in my item(s)?
A: All donations must be checked in by an Auction team member by Wednesday, Nov. 4.


Q: Who is invited?
A: Everyone! Come one, come all! Even people who do not plan to bid on auction items may come to enjoy the camaraderie, entertainment, and food.

Q: What is the cost to attend?
A: Admission to the auction is $10 per person for tickets paid in advance or $15 per person if paid at the door on November 7. Advance admissions may be paid on Sundays after each service in the Social Hall or on Wonderful Wednesday evenings.

Q: Do I need an actual ticket for entry?
A: No. When you purchase your admission for the auction, we will record your name on our master list, and use this list to check you off at the door and issue your assigned Bidder Number.

Q: Do my spouse/partner and I each get our own Bidder Number?
A: If you are not planning to bid against each other, and will be paying jointly for any won items, then you’ll only need a single Bidder Number.

Q: What time is the auction?
A: The silent auction starts at 6:30 and lasts through 8:30, although not all tables will be open until the end. The tables will close in staggered fashion. The first tables will close at 8:00 and the last tables will close at 8:30 p.m. No further bids will be allowed once the table has closed. The winning bid(s) will be circled on the bid sheet by the Table Monitor.
The live auction starts at 8:30 and generally lasts about 20-30 minutes. At the end of the live auction we’ll offer desserts and music while the staff gets the items ready for check-out and pick-up.

Q: Will dinner be served?
A: No dinner, but we will offer light appetizers during the silent auction and desserts after the live auction.

Q: Will there be drinks?
A: In addition to complimentary soft drinks and coffee, there will be a wine and beer cash bar. Each adult guest gets one free drink ticket with their auction admission.

Q: Is childcare available?
A: Yes, but it must be reserved in advance at by October 30.

Q: Are children allowed in the auction?
A: Yes, well-behaved (ahem!) children are welcome. Those age 12 and under are free admission; and those 13 and up require a paid admission.


Q: How does the silent auction work?
A: Each item up for bid in the Silent Auction has a corresponding bid sheet on the table display table. Bid on an item by writing your Bidder Number and bid amount on the bid sheet and the first open space. A starting bid and minimum increase are indicated on each item’s bid sheet. The minimum increase is the minimum amount by which the previous bid may be raised. For example, if the current bid is $66 and the minimum increase is $5, the next bid must be at least $71. Failure to follow the starting bid or minimum increase will invalidate your bid. Illegible bids will not be honored. Bids, once placed, may not be altered, and are your agreement to pay. The bid sheets may not be removed from the table or item at any time.

Q: How does “Event Bidding” work?
A: Each “multiple-space event” item, such as dinners, has a maximum number of spaces available, with the highest bidders winning those spaces. In the event of multiple bids of equal value, the “oldest” bids have seniority. For example, for an event with six spaces available, if six people have bid $50 and a seventh person bids $50, the last person to have bid $50 loses the bid. If you want two or more spaces for an event, you may use the same Bidder Number, even if you plan to pay separately. Write your Bidder Number on two (or more) separate lines on the bid sheet, one per each person attending.

Q: What is the “Live” Auction?
A: The Live Auction takes place in the sanctuary, with an auctioneer offering certain items one at a time. To bid on an item in the Live Auction, raise your auction catalog with the Bidder Number printed on the back plainly visible, to attract the attention of the auctioneer. The auctioneer will conduct and control the live auction, determining the winning bidder and announcing the final bid amount for each item. In the event of any dispute, the auctioneer has the sole and final discretion either to determine the successful bidder or to re-offer and re-sell the item.

Q: Which items will be in the Live Auction?
A: The auction catalog has the Live Auction items designated with a graphic in the margin. Those will be posted on this site once they are determined, so check back later.

Q: Can I make an absentee bid if I am not able to be there the night of the auction?
A: For Live Auction items, you may email a bid by November 6 to Aaron at Indicate the item number(s) and your maximum bid(s), and be sure to include your name and phone number. An auction volunteer will bid on your behalf and contact you if you win. For Silent Auction items, recruit a friend to place bids on your behalf, and work out arrangements directly with that friend.


Q: How does checkout work?
A: Check-out is in room 211/212. Please give the cashier your Bidder Number to find out your bid results and total amount due. Payment in full is required the evening of the auction. Payment may be made by cash, check, or credit card (Visa or Discover). All purchases are to be paid for the evening of the Auction. Make checks payable to “UUCA” and note “Auction” and your Bidder Number in the note field. The winning donation contract, marked “paid,” must be presented to the auction Table Monitor before the item may be removed from the table. With few exceptions, you must retrieve all “won” items before leaving, as we cannot store them at UUCA. For large items, pick up may be arranged for the following day, Sunday, November 8.

Q: How do I arrange for services or other “happenings”?
A: You will receive a gift certificate with the donor (host)’s contact info. It is the responsibility of the winning bidder to contact the donor to arrange for scheduling. Please contact the donor as soon as possible to avoid misunderstandings. Unless otherwise indicated, all auction items have an expiration date of 10/7/2016.

Q: What will happen to items that have no bid activity?
A: In some cases physical items may be returned to the donors. Other physical items as well as any unbid services may be available for sale at UUCA on Sunday, November 8, from 9:30 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.

Q: If I win an event that I am not going to be able to use after all, can I get a refund?
A: Sorry, no Refunds. If you find that you cannot attend the event or use the service after all, please notify the host or service provider then give your spot to a friend or family member. You may also call the church office and ask to donate your spot to a new UUCA member. Money will not be refunded.

Q: Is my winning bid tax deductible?
A: The amount of your payment that exceeds the item’s fair market value may be tax deductible. Values set forth are estimates and are not warranted by UUCA. Consult your tax advisor as needed.


• Artwork, collectibles, antiques
• Housewares, home décor, and household items
• Jewelry and one-size-fits-all fashion items
• Handmade treasures, giftables
• Consumable goodies, such as pies, bottles of wine, chocolate truffles, cheesecakes, homemade BarBQ sauce, etc.
• Collectible or autographed books
• Lessons in dance, language, business skills, music, dance
• Tickets for theater, music and sports events
• Vacations: use of mountain/lake/beach home
• Guided trips and excursions
• Dinners, lunches, restaurant gift certificates
• Home services such as handyman, babysitting, plumbing, gardening, organizing, pet-sitting
• Professional services such photography, resume development, legal, computer repair, floral arranging
• Health & well-being services such as massage, mani-pedis, gym membership
• Parties, organized group events