Farewell Announcement: Resignation of Rev. Jonathan Rogers

To Members and Friends of UUCA,

We write with many feelings of grief and pride as we share the news that Rev. Jonathan Rogers, UUCA’s Associate Minister, has resigned his position so that he might go on to serve the Northwest UU Congregation as its Interim Minister.

His last day at UUCA will be January 28th, 2018, and he begins at Northwest on February 1st.

Our grief is in seeing Rev. Rogers go; our pride is in knowing that we have contributed to the formation of a talented young minister who will go on to serve a congregation that UUCA gave birth to and has had a long, positive relationship with.

We are proud of his accomplishments and wish him and the Northwest UU Congregation well.

Rev. Rogers writes:

Working at UUCA has been a privilege and an inspiration for me, and will always be my benchmark for what is possible in a committed and courageous congregation. All of you, and everyone at UUCA, have been integral to my getting to where I am. As I take this next step, I have only appreciation in my heart for the congregation.

As excited as I am about this next step, it has been a very hard decision to leave the people and work that I love so much at UUCA. Between now and January 28th, my last day at UUCA, I am 100% committed to helping make this transition as smooth as possible.

The work I am doing at UUCA means a great deal to me, and I want it to succeed and thrive after I am gone. I am forever grateful for the ways UUCA has helped me to grow as a minister in the 4+ years I have been on the UUCA staff.

Next Steps

News of this kind can trigger deep emotions. It’s hard to say goodbye. Rev. Rogers will want to hear from you and will welcome that. Our Lay Ministers specialize in deep and compassionate listening, and they, too, are here for you.

The first steps in this process are personal, and are about grief-work.

Then there are institutional next steps. Coupled with all the changes related to our move, we know that things are feeling stressful. However, be assured that we will make lemonade out of every lemon that’s served up.

In the immediate wake of Rev. Rogers’ resignation, Rev. Makar will work with him, his Shared Ministry Team, and various leaders in establishing a transition strategy to ensure that the programs under Rev. Roger’s oversight will continue to be well-supported.

At the same time, Rev. Makar will work with denominational officials and the Board to search for Rev. Roger’s successor. Our hope is that we’ll be saying hello to our new Associate Minister in August of 2018, if not sooner.

Elisabeth Kübler-Ross once wrote, “The most beautiful people I’ve known are those who have known trials, have known struggles, have known loss, and have found their way out of the depths.”

What’s happening now, between the challenges of our move and the news of Rev. Roger’s departure, together with all the challenges we face beyond our walls as Americans and as world citizens, is that we are becoming beautiful. The struggles are making us stronger and clearer than ever before.

Let us feel this moment. Let us care for one another in our grief and congratulate Rev. Rogers as he embarks on his new journey. We have been made better and our community more beloved because of the work and talents of Rev. Rogers. It is in that same spirit of hope, of courage, and of gratitude that UUCA will continue on its journey.

To our dear friend and beloved Minister, you will be missed.

Love and Courage,

Rev. Makar, UUCA Senior Minister
UUCA Board of Trustees