Engaging Minds Through Religious Education

Engaging Minds Through Religious Education
Taryn Strauss, Acting Associate Minister 

I have a secret to tell you.  Actually, you already know this secret, and it’s time to let it out, to proclaim it with pride from the rooftops.  

Our best kept secret: UUCA’s UU Religious Education program is the most groundbreaking, innovative, radical contribution we make to the world.  

Where else can children grow up learning about all the world’s religions, to honor and respect a diversity of beliefs and traditions? 

Where else do children form a spiritual foundation for taking social action, growing as strategic leaders, and learning the framework of solidarity and service?  

Where else do children grow up learning about sexuality holistically, alongside values honoring the worth and dignity of everyone, learning about consent and mutuality as expressions of love and respect?  

Imagine if twenty years from now, the president of the United States was a graduate of our congregation’s Religious Education program.  Someone who was raised with spiritual mentorship, a sense of empowerment and agency to create real change in her community, someone who holds a breadth of knowledge about religious traditions, and celebrates all beliefs as a legitimate path toward truth.  

Right now, we are educating future leaders who know how it feels to be loved and accepted for who they truly are.  This is powerful.

We create the world we dream of by our commitment to those children who are learning and worshipping alongside us.  

We know that our faith development journey is lifelong.  We are awed by all we have yet to learn.  Our commitment to curiosity and exploration, rather than judgment, is a beautiful beacon of light amidst an increasingly dangerous world of obfuscation and fear we see reflected in the headlines.  I love to see our adults come to Religious Education, ready to learn, eager to work on improving themselves, to build new skills and see their world with new eyes.  

Let our groundbreaking Religious Education programs be a secret no longer.  Tell everyone you know the rigorously hopeful work we are doing together in your congregation.  They will be amazed, and I believe if more people know of our educational work, they will want to be a part of it.  

Our Religious Education Programming only exists with your financial support.  If you believe in our future leaders, if you support children and want to show them your love and acceptance, and if you are committed to a life of learning and exploration, make your pledge matter.