Endowment Fund


Investing in Our Future

The Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Atlanta Endowment Fund (UUCA EF) is a means for people to make a long-term investment in our future. It is a tax-exempt corporation created in 1970 to provide support to UUCA.
According to its charter, Endowment Fund assets are to be used exclusively for religious, charitable and educational purposes through UUCA EF’s support of UUCA. Throughout the year, UUCA EF is able to fund projects that contribute to our congregation’s prosperity. The relationship of the UUCA EF to UUCA is similar to that of a trust to its beneficiaries.

How can you support our UUCA Endowment Fund?

There are many other ways to support our Endowment Fund as well:

Donate cash or securities

Directly to the Fund at any time, including in honor or in memory of someone, or as an annual donation as a member of our Birthday Club (donating an amount equal to your age each year). If donating cash, write a check payable to “UUCA Endowment Fund” and mail to UUCA or make an online gift to the Endowment Fund HERE. If donating securities, please contact the Endowment Fund treasurer at ef_treasurer@uuca.org to ensure proper transfer.

Make a bequest in your will

Or other estate-planning documents to UUCA Endowment Fund. Suggested language for this request; “I give to the Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Atlanta Endowment Fund (tax ID number 23-7085616, a nonprofit 501(c)(3) corporation located in Atlanta, GA) _____ percent of my estate or the sum of $_____.”

Create a Charitable Gift Annuity with the UUA

Naming UUCA Endowment Fund as a beneficiary. For more details on creating this annuity through the UUA, click here. Consult your tax professional for specific guidance. 

UUCA Endowment Fund FAQ’s

What is the Legacy Society of the Endowment Fund? How can I join?

Anyone who makes a bequest to the UUCA EF in their will or makes the EF a beneficiary of an insurance policy or retirement account can become a member of the Legacy Society. Legacy Society membership encourages a lasting means to contribute to UUCA’s future and promotes clarity in estate planning documents. If you have already made this commitment in your estate planning or are planning to do so and would like to become a Legacy Society member, please email endowmentfund@uuca.org

What is the current value of UUCA Endowment Fund assets?

As of June 30, 2020, the value of UUCA EF assets is $1,044,893.
Since assets are invested in mutual funds and securities, value fluctuates with the market.

How are the Fund’s assets used?

To fulfill its charitable responsibilities, the UUCA EF has typically contributed a portion of the Fund’s annual earnings directly to UUCA projects, but never in amounts that would jeopardize the principal dividend generating assets of the Fund. During a typical year, up to three percent of Fund assets are made available as grants to support the life and work of the congregation. Examples of previous projects funded by the UUCA EF include:


  • $36,000 to restore the Steinway grand piano
  • Annual Reiman scholarship given to a graduating UUCA high school senior

Former Grants a Cliff Valley location

  • • Purchased of the Interdependent Web photograph by Ruth Gogel (currently in storage)
    • Refurbish stained glass windows from our earlier Unitarian church (currently in storage)
    • $30,000 matching grant for creation of the Memorial Garden
    • $26,600 for the Playground
    • $9,800 for safety railings in the Sanctuary
How do I submit a grant proposal to the UUCA EF?

A grant proposal must first be submitted to UUCA’s Board of Directors for their review and endorsement. If endorsed, the proposal then goes to the Endowment Fund Board, which studies the proposal further and decides whether to approve the request. If approved, the Endowment Fund Board’s final step is to determine whether the funding can occur during the current fiscal year or needs to be spread over multiple years to make sure the total of approved requests does not exceed 3% of the assets of UUCA EF each fiscal year.

What grant requests are funded by the UUCA EF?

The Endowment Fund is intended for extraordinary expenditures, rather than those that might be submitted for inclusion in UUCA’s annual operating budget. Grant requests should support UUCA’s long-term. They may be for capital expenditures or some other similar one-time (rather than regularly occurring) expenditure. Requests can also be used for seed money for new initiatives or for loans for new or expanded purposes in support of the UUCA community.

Who manages the UUCA Endowment Fund?

The UUCA EF is managed by a nine-member Board of Directors, which chooses its Directors from a list of nominees provided by the UUCA Board of Trustees. Directors serve staggered terms of three years and elect officers among themselves annually. Current UUCA Endowment Fund directors are: 

  • Eric Pohl, President
  • David Sjoquist, Vice President
  • Mary Crawley, Secretary
  • John Guyton, Treasurer
  • Godfrey Oakley
  • DeAnn Peterson
  • Kay Golan
  • Judy Shaklee
  • Mary Anne Gaunt

You may reach all directors at endowmentfund@uuca.org

How are UUCA Endowment Fund assets invested?

The Fund is invested in a variety of vehicles to maximize potential fund growth, while providing protection of assets in financial downturns. Investment performance is monitored by the Endowment Fund Board.