Creating Hope Together Through Beauty & Art

Creating Hope Together Through Beauty & Art

by Rev. Anthony Makar, Senior Minister 

We are creating hope together! First, I want to say thank you to Mark Honeycutt and Jason Delaney and the members of the Stewardship and Generosity teams for their hard work and devotion to UUCA. Last Sunday, Carol Welter did a wonderful job sharing from her heart about how we create hope through beauty and art. I am also excited about the cottage meetings and as your schedule allows, I or Taryn, hope to see each of you there.  (To register, click here). Thank you in advance for making this journey with us and for reflecting on your own call to generosity and financial partnership.  This is an amazing place and you are needed and valued. 

Every time we gather together to tell the beautiful and inclusive Unitarian Universalist story that creates hope in me and I suspect it creates hope in you. The world is full of so much noise. Much of that noise excludes, diminishes, and devalues people based on gender, race, perspective, values, or how they identify. I think you would agree many of the stories which permeate our nation are ugly stories of anger, aggression, and avarice. This noise distracts our physical senses, gets under our skin, and overwhelms the still small voice within us.

We need a difference kind of space – a space apart. Not only do we need this space but I believe our community desperately longs for such a space. It is space where we silence the noise and come together in love to use our gifts, talents, and unique voices to share our faith stories in programming, writing, visual arts, music, and drama. In these beautiful expressions, we are creating hope together and reshaping the story of our community, nation, and world. And, we’re shaping our own personal stories as this sharing of beauty, music, and art touches our hearts.

This is the heart of Unitarian Universalist worship. It’s about creating a space where we catch sight of inspiring, sometimes even astonishing things, and we are changed for the better. We are moved to tears, or to action.

Our worship is not about bending the knee in adoration to some father-king.  It’s about being reconnecting to our deepest selves, our truest senses, our highest values and noblest purposes.  This space of music, beauty and art restores us.  It recharges us.  It creates peace, joy, and most of all hope.  Together, through our generosity of time, talent, and treasure, this is what we create – stories of love, inclusion, celebration, and the valuing of each and every person for the beauty within.

I am so grateful for this beautiful space.  The space we enter, the space between us that becomes a space within us giving hope.  And I am so grateful to each and every one of you who make such a space possible.   

I look forward to seeing you again in that space. 

Love and Courage,
Senior Minister

PS. Don’t forget our first Creating Hope Together home gathering is this Saturday, October 13 (4-6pm)  at home of Rob Sager and Eva Mitchell, 2651 Overlook Drive, Atlanta GA 30345.  To sign up (everyone is welcome) click here.  Also, three other dates are available!  And when you see “everyone welcome” at UUCA you know we mean it.