Creating Hope Together: Living Revolutionary Love

Creating Hope Together: Living Revolutionary Love
Francella Perryman

We want to change the world.  It’s that simple.  We want to make this world, this nation, this community a loving, just, caring, inclusive, joyful place to be.  Not just for us but for everyone no matter who they are, how they look, who they love, what they have.  Everyone.  

We’re not alone in that desire.  Congregations, many like UUCA, boast signs or hang banners that proclaim, “Transforming Ourselves and Our World.”  We drive by them, take note, and there is a little hope in us.  We ask ourselves, “How can I transform the world?”

When we get home and turn on the television and that hope evaporates.  After another brutal news cycle, we wonder, almost in defeat, “Where is the evidence of this transformation?”  “What can we do against such powerful forces?”  Eventually Sunday comes, and we are surrounded by friends, family, and love; and the anxiety and helpless gives way to hope.  In that moment, we come to understand this battle is not ours alone.  Others care.  Others give. Others work.  Together we create hope and live out this revolutionary love.

That is what UUCA’s Social Justice ministry is all about.  We come together like a family, each of us doing what we have been personally called to do. 

For example, recently Natalie Snedden and other caring congregants felt a call to homeless people.  They saw a need and heard hope’s call.  So, they volunteered at Central Presbyterian Church in Atlanta and made meals for the homeless.  They understood that love “does” something.  Love acts.  It is not just a feeling; it’s a decision.  In the same way we worked to collected food for the community pantry, and backpacks for the local school.  We created hope for the hungry and hope for underserved children.

We created hope by supporting Dereck Rounsley and Eben Buchanan as they worked to organize UUCA’s participation in the Atlanta Pride Parade – a powerful demonstration that all people matter and are loved. 

We create hope by deciding that voting our values is more important than any political line or even party.

We create hope as we financially and personally support UUCA in social justice issues and causes and volunteer with organizations across Atlanta representing  the UU vision and values.

We create hope as we advocate for civil and LGBTQ rights.

We create hope as we fight for our planet and environment.

We will create hope together when we act in solidarity with thousands of other women at the Women’s March in January of 2019. That’s when we will by our presence say, “you have a voice, you have a choice,” and then stand beside others to usher in a new day of justice and equality.

Revolutionary love is not an emotion.  It is not a feeling.  It is not even a value.  It is an act of defiance against that brutal news cycle that tries to rob our hope and take our joy.  No.  We will act and live out revolutionary love and together.  We do this in some many other ways of service, volunteerism, congregational caring, friendship, and love.  Because love does.

I am so grateful for the leadership of UUCA and for all the people who give their resources, their time, their passion, their talents, their love to the work of transforming this world.  Together, we create a deep abiding hope.

Francella Perryman

PS.  Two Creating Hope Together home meetings this week!   Thursday October 25, (7-9pm)  at the home of Anna Apostolu and Bert Pearce, 2431 Medlock Commons, Decatur GA, 30030 and Sunday October 28 (4-6pm)  at home of Dave and Ginny Sjoquist, 1299 Pasadena Avenue NE, Atlanta GA 30306.  To sign up (everyone welcome) click here.  To sign up click here.