Creating Hope Together: Inspiring Hearts Through Worship

Creating Hope Together: Inspiring Hearts Through Worship
by Don Milton III, Director of Music 

I have the best job at UUCA.  I hate to admit it to anyone, but it is true.  The volunteers I have the privilege to serve are the most committed people in the congregation.  They are diverse, they are incredibly talented, they love this place, and they know how to have fun.  If any of that sounds good to you, come and join the choir on most Wednesday nights.  And if you had any doubts about what singing means, remember British composer, artist, and activist Brian Eno once said, “I believe that singing is the key to long life, a good figure, a stable temperament, increased intelligence, new friends, super self-confidence, heightened sexual attractiveness and a better sense of humor.”  Just look at the choir and you’ll know that he speaks the truth.  

Every Sunday there is the one moment I just love.  If there is any doubt just look at my face or the faces of those in the choir.  You can see this moment coming.  It’s the first note, of the first song we sing together.  In that moment we are not just one people, with one heart; but, we have one voice.  For me, that oneness in presence, heart, and voice is worship.  Worship is where we love, value, and inspire one another.

In fact the word “worship” is from the old English words “worth” and “ship.”  It is about ascribing worthiness or value.  As UUs,  worship is where and how we value that which is in us, and between us, and beyond us.  In that unity and valuing of one another our hearts are touched by the hearts around us.  We are in the midst of a love greater than the love in our individual hearts, we are in an expression of joy greater than the joy any one person can achieve, and we are a part of something greater than our own experience.  In that indescribable transcendent moment our hearts are set ablaze, energized, renewed, and inspired. 

As I was writing this article, I became overwhelmed with just how this community of people inspires me.  I thought about the transitions we are going through and the questions that linger in our hearts about the future.  And, I made a decision.  I decided to increase my pledge to the congregation.   I guess I was inspired to do so.  I hope you feel that way about this place too. 
We live in times of incredible divisiveness.  Technology and the way we communicate through text, e-mail, and a variety of social media platforms leaves us feeling overwhelmed and alone.   When I enter into worship, your presence, your voice, your singing, your listening, your meditating creates a well of inspiration and hope.  We draw from that well.  We come thirsty, we leave with something deeply beautiful and hopeful. 

Thank you coming to worship.  Thank you for singing.  Thank you for giving and opening your heart to me and to one another.  Thank you for your silence.  Thank you for your laughter.  Thank you for your tears.  Thank you for your authenticity.   Thank you for all you give and allow others to take away and thank you for inspiration and hope your presence together creates.  

PS. Our next Creating Hope Together Cottage meeting is at the home of Joy Borra, 716 Howell Court, Stone Mountain, Georgia 30087  To sign up click here.