Memorial Garden & Columbarium


A home for beloveds past and a meditative space for the future

The Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Atlanta offers a columbarium on our property, providing a sacred space for the remains of UUCA community members. The columbarium is affordable, visually appealing, and environmentally friendly. The Memorial Garden and Columbarium offer a peaceful setting for loved ones to gather and remember those who have passed away.

The Memorial Garden team of UUCA provides various options to accommodate the diverse needs and desires of the community. Please use the provided form to choose the best options for yourself and your loved ones.

Applicant Information

Please provide the information below for the person completing this application, who may be someone other than the person to be homed or memorialized in the garden.
There is no charge for the last option of scattering cremains on our grounds, but please complete this application for our records.

The fee includes industry-sized urn(s) and etching of the name of descendent(s), dates of birth and death, and a dedication line if desired.