Class: Making Hard Choices: The Art of Discernment

Making Wiser Decisions


Through her online ministry, The Way of the River, UUCA’s Community Minister, Rev. Catharine Clarenbach, offers a month-long, online course, Making Hard Choices: The Art of Discernment. All of us face tough choices when we’re in transition, when we’re charting a new course in our lives, or when circumstances have let us know it’s time to move on from where we are now to an unknown future.


Making Hard Choices, starting February 4, is designed to help us all become wiser people, people of good judgment and discerning minds. Through learning and reflecting on a series of tools, some from Unitarian Universalism, some from secular sources, and some from other religious traditions, comrades in discernment work together. Classmates learn how to ask the right questions, attend to the deepest desires of their hearts, and respond to those desires with curiosity, trust, and faith in themselves.


For more information about how to change your life through this thought-provoking, mindful course, go to Rev. Catharine’s webpage, Making Hard Choices.