Celebration Team Begins Planning Farewell Ceremony

UUCA Story Corps

Pasha and Michael have recorded over 6 hours of interviews of congregates and a 45 minute interview of Tom Ventulett, the Cliff Valley building architect.  We are planning at least two more days of recording congregates and staff.  All interested people should be encouraged to sign up for one of these days or contact me or Pasha to make arrangements to accommodate them. 

Friday Feb. 23rd        http://www.signupgenius.com/go/10c094bafab23a0f49-story2

Sunday Feb, 25th      http://www.signupgenius.com/go/10c094bafab23a0f49-uuca2

We’ve started talking to start Doug Abel about separating out all the building references from the interviews.  Do to the overwhelming desire to add comments about the social aspects of our time here, the actual references to the building can be pulled out to make editing a 20-30 minute video a much easier job.  We also have been talking to Lauren Daitch and Doug about doing the finished video.


Conversations with our new Archivist, Deb Freer, have been going along well.  She will be helping catalog the videos we are making and the pictures that are being brought forward for Nina’s Facebook project. 



 Nina West continues to collect pictures and comments about our history in this building on https://www.facebook.com/pg/1911CliffValleyWayMemories/posts/?ref=page_internal.                Congregates are invited to share their photos of UUCA events here.

Ceremony ideas

If we move directly to the new building (and not into a temporary space) we might make the last week of occupancy a festival.  Activities may include:

              -Mandala with creation and destruction ceremonies by Buddhist monks.


There will be a group visiting with the director of the Drepung Loseling Monastery this Friday to talk about the logistics and costs of having the Tibetan monks do this.


– Iron Pour to create mementos of the building.      


-Gathering of the Ghosts  

-Caravan of our Sacred Objects to the new building; Don envisions a Second Line event with a New Orleans Jazz Band

-Choral composition by Travis for Final Service/ Ingathering.  

-Invitation to Ministers Emeritus to attend the final Sunday  service or the Ingathering.

 -Invitation for all former congregants to our first  Ingathering in the new building

 -“Memorable Moments” event where all are encouraged to participate by bringing posters with photos, pictures and descriptive paragraphs to hang on Art Gallery walls.

 -Families painting pictures on the walls inside (and out?)                           

– Coffee table book, calendar or  ??  made from congregants UUCA pictures for sale 

 -“Posts for Freedom” a family and/group project    http://postsforpeaceandjustice.org/v-day-one-billion-rising-atlanta/

A party in the building that would include various musical groups and a showing of the completed UUCA Story Corps  video,  food and decorations. 

Please add your questions, ideas and comments to this list!

Kay   404-316-2045