153 years after the founding of the Universalist Church of America, in 1946, a newsletter called “Theologically Speaking” was launched upon the world. Its writers were multiple, their names probably unrecognizable to most people today: Gordon McKeeman, Albert Ziegler, Earle McKinney, Raymond Hopkins, David Cole, Frederick Harrison, Charles Vickery, and Albert Harkins. They were all […]


ADULT RE, SEPTEMBER 23, 12:30 PM Do you have questions about the theological foundations of Unitarian Universalism? Do you wonder what UU theology actually is and where it came from? Join Acting Associate Minister Taryn Strauss and UUCAer Allen Lee this Sunday at 12:30 pm in the Treehouse Sanctuary to get answers! This six session […]

I’ve been thinking a lot about neighborhoods.  The other week I caught the Mr. Roger’s documentary, and I believe his vision of the neighborhood was the most groundbreaking of all of his theological concepts put to mainstream children’s television.  Love your neighbor, get to know your neighbors, rely on your neighbors, accept a lot from […]

Francella Perryman comes to us originally from Saint Louis, Missouri, before moving to Georgia. She has lived in The North Fulton area for nearly 8 years. Francella has a Bachelors of Arts degree from Columbia College in Missouri and a Masters degree in Professional Counseling from Lindenwood University in Saint Charles, Missouri. She brings to […]

Here is where we are in 2018:  Today, many of my friends are suddenly considering homeschooling their children. They are keeping them home today. They are taking a mental health day. They are terrified to drop their children off, taking a last lingering look as as their child walks into the school before driving off to work. We have […]