Your board president is writing to invite up to four UUCA congregates to participate in an upcoming Mountain Summit focus group and Braving Space program, being hosted at The Mountain Retreat & Learning Center September 6-8, 2019. The request is for two representatives for the Mountain Summit and two representatives for Braving Space. There is […]

Starting July 7 join us for Turning Points in UU History, a six-session exploration of turning points and controversies in our history that will delve into the complexities of these historical moments, how they shaped Unitarian Universalism, and how they relate to our faith today. Each session will reflect on the sides involved in the […]

        JOB DESCRIPTION – DIRECTOR OF LIFESPAN RELIGIOUS EDUCATION REPORTS TO: Acting Senior Minister HOURS: Full-Time START DATE: September 1, 2019 SALARY: $60,000 – $65,000, based on experience, plus full benefit package SUPERVISES: Youth Coordinator and Religious Education Administrative Assistant JOB SUMMARY: The Director of Lifespan Religious Education (DLRE) will lead the […]

Just as bitterness heightens our ability to recognize what is truly sweet. Just as darkness gives us an appreciation of light. Just as the presence of evil affords us the power to discern what is good. So our passage through the bitter, the dark, the evil years of slavery, made us—America’s Africans, the quintessential seekers […]