Breaking Through With Generosity: Pledge Drive 2010

Back in August and September, Muslims around the world were observing Ramadan, which is a yearly observance in which the faithful walk a disciplined path towards the center of their spiritual life and values. They fast, they reflect, they pray. They connect themselves, once again, to what’s most important in life.
And we too, here at UUCA, have our own version of Ramadan. We call it our annual Stewardship Campaign. It’s true! Every year around this time, we too are invited to walk a path towards the center of our spiritual life and values. We revisit our largest hopes and dreams for ourselves, our families, and the world. Above all, we reflect on all the ways that our collective generosity has built (and continues to build) a spiritual community which strengthens us in our lives.

Our annual Stewardship season began on September 20, when we kicked it off in worship with testimony from Tom Lynch and his daughter, Miranda. They spoke movingly about how there is literally is no limit to what we can accomplish through our generosity. Tom said, “While there are a lot of worthy causes to give to these days, we’re making UUCA our primary choice. It just does so much for so many. Our budget at home these days is very tight. But we’re keeping our pledge at the same percentage of income as previous years. We want to keep this place strong, so it can be strong for us.”

This year’s theme is “breaking through with generosity,” and as our Stewardship season unfolds, please consider how your financial generosity to UUCA has helped create breakthroughs in people’s lives. Tom and Miranda talked about how they established a nonprofit organization, Isipho, to help provide food gardens and improved education in the South African village of Nzinga. In so many ways, UUCA was there to support them in that journey, from the Coming of Age religious education program, which helped Miranda discern her passion
for justice work, to the community, which offered encouragement in all sorts of ways. Said Tom, “UUCA’s generosity has had nothing less than an across-the-globe impact.” This is what I call a breakthrough! During our Stewardship season, we’ll be hearing more of these stories, and my hope is that they will prove to be doorways into your own.

Since annual pledges are our main and largest source of income, we encourage people to be generous. We ask pledgers to make a commitment to move towards giving 5% of their income. Whatever your household income happens to be, 5% represents a solid investment in UUCA’s purpose of changing lives. Laura and I will be pledging at 5%.

If you are just starting to pledge to UUCA, a place to consider beginning is $25/week. For just the price of a week’s worth of Starbuck’s coffee, you can help support the work of Unitarian Universalism in this corner of the world. That’s getting a big bang for your buck!

Some of you may be wondering if there will be another special ask in 2010—which may have implications on your pledge. You will recall that we have had special “asks” in the past two years (a “Miracle Sunday” ask to enable us to bring on a full-time music director and then, last year, the “Maintaining Our Momentum” ask). Here is my answer: there will be no special asks in 2010. Your pledge for 2010 will truly be your sole key contribution in helping to keep UUCA strong next year!

Mohammed once said, “A person’s true wealth is the good he or she does in the world.” Please save the date—Sunday, October 18—when we will celebrate all the good that UUCA is doing. It’s going to be amazing—you won’t want to miss it! I encourage you to wait to pledge until then, but if you wish, you can also go to our website at and pledge online there.

Let’s keep the community we love strong, so it can continue to be strong for us!

Rev. Anthony David, Senior Minister