Committees of the UUCA Board of Trustees (BOT) are established to assist the Board in carrying out its responsibilities. In addition to the responsibilities detailed below, each committee is expected to:

  • Hold monthly meetings at a scheduled time that is posted on the UUCA website;
  • Provide reports of the work of the committee for each monthly BOT meeting; and
  • Submit an annual report summarizing the year’s work of the committee prior to the April BOT meeting.

Bylaws and Governance
Oversees development and review of structures of governance, Board policies and UUCA Bylaws

  • Provides strategic direction and planning on policy development
  • Conducts research on trends in congregational polity
  • Gathers input and analyses from Board, Executive, and Congregation regarding policy and bylaws development needs
  • Develops and implements an annual action plan to update Bylaws
  • Upon request of PEM receives and reviews policies developed by Executive and makes recommendations to Board and Executive regarding their adoption or modification

Committee Members:
Howard Lewis, chair
June Lester
Karen Martin

Congregational Life
Ensures active, two-way communication between the Board and the Congregation; assesses the continued appropriateness of and progress toward achievement of the Ends Statements

  • Coordinates maintenance and updating of Board-related pages on UUCA website
  • Coordinates Board announcements in Weekly Updates, Orders of Service, etc.
  • Plans and implements Board listening sessions with congregants
  • Proposes and guides Board participation in congregational and denominational events and activities
  • Keeps board apprised of events happening in the Congregation
  • Provides strategic direction and guidance for other forms of communication such as social media, blogs, and special messages
  • Liaises with Director of Congregational Life

Committee Members:
Bill Mengel, chair
Christian Harden
Erin Stanfill

Oversees the financial management, operations, and welfare of the congregation

  • Receives and reviews monthly and annual financial statements from Executive and provides report to Board on status
  • Reviews and analyzes drafts of annual operating budget and prepares recommendation to the Board prior to approval
  • Monitors compliance with Board Policies and Executive Limitations related to Finance
  • Provides leadership to develop strategic direction for resource development
  • Liaises with the Business Administrator, the Generosity Team, and UUCA Endowment Fund

Committee Members:
Bryce Thomason

John Dugger

Jennifer Thilo

Christian Harden

Paul Lowery

Darvis White

Travis Vaughn

Planning, Evaluation, and Monitoring (PEM)
Ensures Board’s compliance with monitoring and evaluation of the Executive and of the Board

  • Reviews annual schedule for monitoring of Board Policies and Executive Limitations
  • Receives and reviews Executive monitoring reports on Executive Limitations and makes recommendations to the Board regarding acceptance
  • Reviews status of Executive Limitations and makes recommendations to Board regarding updates and modifications needed
  • Establishes guidelines and benchmarks for Board self-evaluation
  • Provides strategic guidance and direction to Board regarding development of plans to guide Executive
  • Monitors progress on the Long Range Plan
  • Prepares Board’s annual evaluation of the Executive

Committee Members:
Jennifer Thilo

Christian Harden