The Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA) is the central organization for the Unitarian Universalist (UU) religious movement in the United States. Each UU congregation is autonomous—congregational leaders set their own priorities and choose their own ministers and staff. The UUA is responsible, however, for providing broad guidance regarding Unitarian Universalism as a whole. 


In 2020, based on action at the 2019 General Assembly, the UUA established the Article II Study Commission, which was charged to “propose any revisions that will enable our UUA, our member congregations, and our covenanted communities to be a relevant and powerful force for spiritual and moral growth, healing and justice.”

The Article II Study Commission issued a draft of its proposal in October and then a revised version in January. The proposal was presented at the 2023 General Assembly in June. The proposed revision was passed with 5 Amendments, receiving 86.3% approval from the voting delegates.

However, to be adopted by the UUA, the proposed revision has to be considered at the 2024 General Assembly. The Article II Study Commission will have six months following the 2023 General Assembly to incorporate and clean up any amendments passed by the delegates.

The Article II proposal is subject to amendment in 2024 only by a three-fourths vote in favor of an amendment submitted to the General Assembly in writing by the Board of Trustees or a minimum of fifteen (15) certified congregations by action of their governing boards or their congregations; such proposed amendments must be received by the Board of Trustees by February 1, 2024.

Adoption in 2024 requires a 2/3 majority in order for it to become the new Article II of the UUA bylaws. If the 2024 General Assembly vote fails, the process ends, and a similar proposal cannot be considered for two years.

The current proposal reversion of Article II, if adopted, would make significant changes to the UUA Principles and Sources.

Given the magnitude of the proposed changes, the UUCA Board of Trustees believes that members should become familiar with the proposed revision and express their views regarding the proposed changes.

More information will be forthcoming over the coming months.

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