Our Adult Religious Education Program is dedicated to bringing you courses that deepen your community connection, expand your ethical practices, and engage your curiosity! From classes on Unitarian Universalism, to mass incarceration, to leadership development, the ARE programming team is dedicated to your growth.

ARE is on hiatus for the summer. We can’t wait to announce our programming for the 2024-2025 program year! 

ARE courses are divided into four categories to cater to your interest- curiosity, collaboration, courage, and connection. Click on your interest area below, or scroll down to find our offerings! Subscribe to the Weekly Update for offerings week-to-week.


Drop-In Classes on Sunday Mornings at 10

Learn more and connect with your community in classes spanning UU Theology, World Religions, and urgent World Issues


Leadership Development 

From effective communication to team recruitment, find greater success in your work and your relationships in the Collaboration Track.


Social Justice

Live our deed-based faith through the pursuit of social justice! These action-based courses educate and empower our community to make an impact.


Spirituality & Community

Find spiritual meaning and enrich your personal relationships in this track dedicated to cognitive-based compassion, empathetic communication, and interfaith spiritual practices.


Summer Hiatus

Stay tuned to learn about our offerings for the 2024-2025 program year! 



Special Courses as Available

Invest in yourself as a community member and a leader! Stay tuned for the next series of classes.

Special Courses as Available 

Make a positive impact on our environment! Check out the resources available on our Climate Hub.

Special Courses as Available

Updates coming soon!