Announcing the May 20th Congregational Meeting and Upcoming Town Halls

Announcing the May 20th Congregational Meeting and Upcoming Town Halls

As we prepare for the closing of another program year, like others before, we gather at our Congregational Meeting. We come together, exercising our democratic process to set the course for the next year.

Last year -you might remember- we made a bold decision about our future. We asked questions, we cried, we rejoiced, and together set ourselves on an incredible journey. In that journey we learned a lot about this place and each other. In witnessing this event, I have learned that we are a strong and visionary congregation. 

This year, we will vote on a new slate of candidates for the Board and Nominating Committee and 2 Bylaws changes. Our Board developed these changes to honor the wisdom of our youth and respect the time and contributions of our members. *We are no longer moving forward with the Healthy Relationships Team bylaws change. Please review the enclosed update for more information about this change.

As entrusted stewards, we present these changes and invite you to attend the Town Halls and discuss the proposed bylaws. We invite you to ask questions, share your thoughts, and, as always, express yourself by voting at the Congregational Meeting.

Please take the time to review the enclosed information: Meeting Agenda, Board & Nominating Committee slate of candidates, and proposed bylaws changes. If you have any questions about the meeting or proposed changes, please email me. We will compile these questions and answer them on a rolling basis. After the Town Halls we will publish the answers and make them available to the congregation before the meeting on May 20th. I look forward to seeing you at the upcoming Town Halls.  

In Service,
Erin Stanfill


*Healthy Relations Team UPDATE

After further consultation with UUA staff and Rev. Makar, the board will form a Healthy Relations Team that will report to and be appointed by the board. Members of the team will be selected following a published call for interested and experienced candidates who posses the professional and technical expertise to execute the duties of this team.  This is similar to the formation of our current Project Phoenix Team.


VII.G.Rules of Procedure

Purpose: This will limit discussion to 60 minutes unless a vote to extend passes.

a. Debate is limited to 60 minutes.
b. Each speaker is limited to 2 minutes.
c. No speaker may be recognized a second time until all others who wish to speak have spoken once.
d. The president will assign the floor in such a way to alternate between proponents and opponents, so long as there are speakers for both positions. Speakers with procedural points will always be the next speaker.
e. Time taken for procedural questions will not count against debate time limits.
f. Time limits imposed by this rule may be extended by a two-thirds vote of members present and voting by making a procedural motion.
g. Stopping debate before the time limit can only be accomplished by the President’s recognition of a motion to “call the question,” which requires a second and a two-thirds vote. 

Click here to read full text of proposed addition. 


Proposed Bylaw change to V.3. Voting Eligibility

Purpose: This will allow bridging youth who become members the ability to vote that day.

Summary:Voting Eligibility. Members of the Congregation who have been members at least 60 days shall be eligible to vote. Youth who choose to become a member on the day of their Bridging Ceremony are eligible to vote on the day they become a member.

Click here to view full text of proposed bylaw.


Slate for May Election
The Nominating Committee is elected by the congregation and charged with identifying lay leadership to support the mission of UUCA, informing the congregation about leadership opportunities, and fostering a spirit of service. More specifically, the committee is responsible each year for nominating a slate of candidates to fill vacancies on the Board of Trustees and the Nominating Committee.

President-Carol Ann Arvan (1yr)                                                                         

Pres. Elect – Christian Harden (1yr + 1 yr)

Finance – Jay Hughes (2 yrs)
At Large – Bill Kramer (1 yrs – filling remainder of Christian’s vacated position)
At Large – Sharon Glass (3 yrs)
At Large – Jennifer Thilo (3 yrs)
Nominating Committee:
Cheryl Delaney (2 yrs)
Kay Johnson (1 yr)
Chris Martin (2 yrs)


May 20, 2018 Congregational Meeting Agenda

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