Announcing switch to Single Service Next Year

Worship Service Time Change:
Moving Forward Together

A Special Announcement from Rev. Anthony Makar and the Board of Trustees:

Next year, we are moving to a single service at 10:00 am. By combining the two services, we seek to foster the spirit of community and togetherness that many have expressed a desire for as we progress in our relocation process. In addition to cultivating a richer worship experience, we feel that a single service provides an important social benefit that prioritizes community.

Being Together In Community
After our PRIDE service, it was clear that there is something special about all of us being together in one space. What more will we learn, share, and even create when we are all present? And how will those connections, forged in the spirit of community, guide us in our search for a new home?

The work of building Beloved Community is something we all share. In this new chapter in our UCCA history, let us come together in community and in service.

Spending Time Wisely
Time is an important resource and we want to use it well and in the service of our mission. Shifting to a single service will reduce the demand for Sunday volunteers and the time required to coordinate. We will gain both member and staff capacity, which is paramount as more time gets devoted to Project Phoenix.

Mark your Calendars, Set your Alarms
The shift to a single service begins on the first Sunday on next year: Sunday, January 7th at 10:00 am. Religious Education will begin at 11:15 am. You will find all information regarding the new service time on the website at

We look forward to seeing you all in the New Year.


Rev. Makar
Board of Trustees