GA from above. Georgia is a very diverse state. Largest state by land mass east of the Mississippi River, there are seven distinct areas: The NW section is known as Pioneer Territory, rich in Native American lore, filled with reminders of the culture and traditions of some of Georgia’s earliest people; the NE Georgia Mountains, some of the highest elevations in Georgia, features waterfalls, untouched natural forests, and plenty of outdoor opportunities; the Classic South, touching South Carolina, is home to the University of GA and the Augusta National Golf Club (Master’s tournament); Colonial Coast, where GA’s history began in 1733, with Savannah, numerous barrier islands, and further inland, the Okefenokee Swamp; the Heart of Georgia, rich with GA history; the Plains Country, yes, home of Pres. Carter, and filled with places to turn back the clock; and, finally, the BIG “A” as Atlanta is known. Take a quick state tour by air:


Why One Should Consider Moving to Altanta, GA?

Considering moving to Atlanta, Georgia? There are actually plenty of benefits that would justify your relocation to Atlanta and future life deep in the city. Atlanta offers diversity with plenty of opportunities for professionals, young families, and retirees, including the benefits of metropolitan living with southern hospitality. World class amenities, international cuisine, up-scale shopping, and outstanding social services have made Atlanta the destination of people from all over the United States and the world. There is no wonder why some of the Fortune Top 500 companies that have their headquarters in Atlanta. Here are some pointers why moving to Atlanta could be a great decision.


Atlanta is well known for the cultural diversity and food is no exception. You will find great food there, especially when it comes to visiting downtown restaurants. Some of the highlights include breakfasts, barbeque and Greek cuisine. Moving to Atlanta will also land you in the streets filled with chain restaurants. You may find this convenient. Famous for the Atlanta Greek Festival to the celebrations along Auburn Avenue during African-American heritage, food is a cause for celebration in Atlanta. There is a music or art festival almost every weekend. This brings a great opportunity to up broad cultural culinary knowledge especially for food lovers and even for people that enjoy that kind of diversity.


If you still care enough to take a few minutes out of your busy day to reflect on some of the definitive moments in American history, you will find that quite a few of them had taken place in Atlanta. It popularized the civil rights movement and has been an immediate or participant witness to many other historic events, and the tributes are scattered across the city. The city also has a cultural life, with resident professional companies in nearly all the major arts disciplines, including the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra, Atlanta Ballet and the Alliance Theater


Atlanta is the 40th largest city by population and located in Fulton County. The city was established in 1937 and became a national center of commerce. Atlanta is the sixth largest economy in America and boasts of a diverse range of industries, including media, professional and business service. This non-stop growth experienced opens up new opportunities to anyone moving to Atlanta.


Atlanta hosts a numerous amount of events and exhibits. Cheap and even free, you can enjoy concerts and art walks and all kinds of family friendly events. No matter where people have settled down in Atlanta, they mention the incredible atmosphere and local community that make their time there worthwhile.  Cultural and learning resources like the Atlanta Aquarium, High Museum of Art, Atlanta History Center, Atlanta Botanical Gardens, and Martin Luther King Center for Research and Learning are a few to mention. Sure, locals may be losing some time in slow traffic, but there is little room for anger and hate in this city.

The Carter Center and Presidential Library

Center for Civil and Human Rights