Above Board:

By Beth Valentine, UUCA Board Member

The recent election by the congregation of four new board members was an enlightening and humbling process. I knew UUCA had a board, but honestly I didn’t know very much about what the board does, who is on it, or what their responsibilities entailed. Having attended our first meeting as an official board member, as well as several trainings and related meetings, I am happy to say that we look forward to serving you, the congregation and representing your interests.

UUCA is filled with interesting, intelligent and incredibly diverse members and friends. When we are chosen to serve on the board, it is our responsibility to represent the interests of all these people. It’s overwhelming at first, but then it becomes clear that the best way to do this is to reach out and become acquainted with as many people as possible during our tenure on the board. Most of us are involved with different affinity groups, and we have found different ways of getting to know people through our volunteerism within our community, whether it is through the RE program, the coffee service team, greeting teams or committees. We welcome you to approach us in the social hall after services, or any time you see us around!

What’s the best way to identify a board member? Each board member wears a pin with his or her nametag indicating she or he is a board member. If you haven’t met one of us, or if you have a concern or an idea that you want to discuss, look for us in the social hall or at other congregational events. We also have mailboxes in the office, and we can easily be reached via email. We want you to share your ideas and concerns with board members. That is the best way to make our positions effective and purposeful in the mission of what UUCA is and strives to be.