Above Board: Striving for Balance

By Pam Kilmer, UUCA Board Member

Most people would agree that moderation and balance is a good thing. However, UUs, like other people, sometimes become very hard-line about the issues that they care the most about, whether it’s ethical eating, social justice or other good causes. An excess of zeal toward a good cause can cause frustration in ourselves when the rest of the world won’t conform to our wishes and an inability to relate to others who have other priorities. During my tenure on the Board of Trustees I have run into this challenge. I have had to be careful to be patient and listen to understand when others are talking about issues I care a lot about. Jumping in with my teeth clenched and fire in my eyes would not have been a useful strategy.

Many people in the congregation have the same experience with the Board or the Executive Team or staff. They can clearly see problems that need to be solved in their personal areas of interest and they want the solutions to be everyone’s first priority. Unfortunately, no one can be in two places at once and not everyone’s beloved projects can be first priority at the same time. In such a diverse group as our congregation with so many wonderful things going on and so many wonderful ideas about what else we should be doing, it’s impossible to make everyone completely happy. That’s where the moderation and balance comes in. The Board and Executive Team try very hard to make sure no one is neglected, all ideas are taken seriously, and all good causes are given as much support as possible. Especially in these economically difficult times, the available money and time will only stretch so far. But your Board strives for balance and tries to understand multiple viewpoints, while ultimately seeking to decide in a manner which it believes serves the larger and long-term interests of the Congregation.

Pam Kilmer, UUCA Board Member