Above Board: Planning for Growth

The growth of UUCA has been amazing—we now are at 729 members and 193 pledging friends—that’s over 900 active adults! We’ll soon pass the 750 member threshold to the UUA’s largest congregational size designation, after hovering between 650 and 700 members for several years, and with a low of 638 in 2006.

1999 was the last time UUCA created a long-range plan. Every successful organization—religious, secular, corporate—needs periodically to define its mission, vision and expectations for growth and success. Our recent growth makes this even more imperative.

During the next few months, we plan to initiate a process to define what our strategic long-range planning process will look like. We plan to create a process that will involve both the membership and the staff. And, we will set a timetable for not only initiating the process but, ultimately delivering a plan to the Congregation. We invite your comments, suggestions and participation as we embark on this project to insure UUCA’s continued success.

With Gratitude,
Marshall Orson, UUCA Board of Trustees President-Elect