Above Board: Long Range Planning

By Eric Pohl, UUCA Board Member

One of the major initiatives of your Board of Trustees in 2010-2011 is the creation of a new Long Range Plan for UUCA. While any organization can carry on for quite a while without a viable Long Range Plan, operating under a Long Range Plan provides distinct advantages: it serves as a source from which specific programs are designed, and acts as a benchmark for measuring performance of the staff. Clearly articulating and adopting long-term goals helps keep the congregation focused and prevents distractions by a few strong, impassioned voices. Above all, it is an invaluable governance tool for the board.

If you were involved with UUCA about ten years ago, you may remember the last such effort. Entitled “Claiming the Vision,” it pushed us toward major improvements in child and youth RE, the lay ministry program, and small group ministries. It was a precursor to the capital campaign that led to the building addition and renovations, and the resulting energy and momentum served us well during the retirement of Dr. Frost and subsequent calling of Rev. David as our new Senior Minister.

So what exactly is in a Long Range Plan? In some ways it’s a misnomer, as it’s more a vision or set of goals than a plan. In any case, it answers the questions, “What would a successful, vibrant UUCA look like 5 years from now?” and “How do we get there?” Answering those questions will require input from as many members as possible, so expect to hear much more about how you can contribute your opinions as we head into the fall and winter. If all goes according to plan (so to speak), the finalized Long Range Plan will be ready for adoption at the May 2011 Congregational Meeting.

In the meantime, we’re looking for talented and dedicated individuals for the Long Range Planning Team. If you are a current member, interested in helping to shape our future, and willing to commit to the process for at least one year, please consider serving our congregation in this important and meaningful role. If you would like to participate in this process, please visit the Long Range Planning Team webpage or email me at epohl@uuca.org by Aug. 8.