Above Board: General Assembly Reflections

I had a marvelous trip to Salt Lake City for the 2009 General Assembly of the Unitarian Universalist Association of Congregations. It was an honor to serve as a delegate from UUCA and experiencing this congregation’s strong presence in our denomination’s past and present.

As President of UUCA, I was blessed to attend with expenses covered from the operating budget. Thank you for this gift.

I learned much on the Governance track of UU University and the programs, worship, and plenary sessions of General Assembly. There are wonderful resources online from GA that are available for free. They’re at www.uua.org by selecting “I am interested in,” then “Events.” If you have time for just one, the Saturday night Ware Lecture was perhaps the most popular event at GA.

Specific UUCA highlights included Rev. David receiving final fellowship, Lyn Conley giving her final report as chair of the Finance Committee and outgoing UUA Trustee, and Nancy Bartlett’s installation as the new UUA Trustee from the Mid-South District. I’m hoping UUCA will have a strong presence at General Assembly in Minneapolis in 2010 and in Charlotte in 2011 too.

Materials from UU University and General Assembly have been ordered and will be shared with the congregation as they become available.

With gratitude,
Laura de Castro, President, Board of Trustees