Above Board: “Faithing”

By Cyndi McFarland, UUCA Board Secretary

I came across something very interesting about the word “faith” in a devotional by Martin B. Copenhaver, Sr. Pastor at Wellesley Congregational Church, United Church of Christ, Massachusetts. The title of the devotional was “Faithing in God,” and he said that the English language is the only European language that doesn’t have a verb form of faith.

How are the other languages using this verb form, I wondered?

Are people saying things like, “Some people only faith when there’s something in it for them.” “I’m just faithing right along, not a care in the world.” “I’m working towards faithing in myself more.”

Since I have no way of knowing for sure, I imagined how it would be used at UUCA if we did have a verb form of faith.

For starters, there might be a section in the newsletter entitled “Faithing in Our Community” instead of “Faith in Action.” (In fact, our whole newsletter might be called “Faithing” because everything in it is an act of faith or a response to faith.)

We could also say “we faith in the sanctuary on Sunday mornings” instead of “we worship in the sanctuary on Sunday mornings.”

What about having “faithers who faith to teach, lead, and sing” instead of “volunteers who teach, lead, and sing?”

We wouldn’t pledge during Stewardship season, we would faith at Stewardship season.

Are there other examples to describe the life of UUCA?

Are there examples to describe your life?

Faithing as always,
Cyndi McFarland, UUCA Board Secretary