UUCA is a spiritual community working to transform lives through courageous action and soulful connection. We aim to serve as a hub of engagement, honoring the diversity of belief and pursuing a more just world through faith tradition, innovative worship, and arts initiatives.

minister’s welcome

Rev. Taryn Strauss, Senior Minister

UU minister and theologian Rebecca Parker reminds us, “None of us alone can save the world, but together, there is another possibility waiting.” Our members support one another’s spiritual development. Some of us meditate, others pray to God, others honor Nature as holy, and we respect and learn from one another’s belief systems. Together we partner to do social justice work; we teach and learn in religious education; we share food and fellowship at our Wonderful Wednesday dinners; we worship; we sing, dance, laugh and cry together, creating spiritual transformation and holy beauty.

We work for a world that honors the worth and dignity of every being, and we come together to serve justice with love and compassion. We honor the interdependent web of existence, and we inspire each other to be passionate stewards of the Earth. We are committed to our work to lift up those in need, we believe in a joyous world, full of music, learning, relationships, and fun.

UUCA was the first integrated church in Atlanta. We continue to celebrate the diversity of our community and our city. We work for women’s reproductive rights, economic justice, anti-racism, immigrant rights, and a wide range of justice issues

A little about me: I grew up in Oak Park, IL, and I was born and raised as a Unitarian Universalist. I’m a former theatre director and an AIDS educator, and I studied with Dr. James Cone and Dr. Cornel West at Union Theological Seminary in New York City, from which I graduated in 2015. A lifelong activist, I have always found it impossible to express my faith without activism and equally impossible to do justice work without a strong foundation of faith. I am married to James Richards, a musician and public relations professional, and we are the proud parents of six-year-old twin boys, Townes and Langston.

Founded in 1883, UUCA is as vibrant as ever. We are a congregation on the move, envisioning big things for our impact in Atlanta as we prepare to move to our new property soon. Whether you want to join the choir, teach Religious Education, work for justice, or just come and join the worship service, we hope you’ll feel at home with us.