Acting out of our values, and in accordance with our mission, UUCA will give to the world:

  • A vibrant faith community for spiritual seekers that worship together, embracing lifelong religious learning and respecting different spiritual journeys.
  • A loving community that provides support and care for others through both the best and the most difficult of times.
  • A safe and welcoming community where all are valued.
  • Children and youth, centered in the values of our religious community and nurtured in love, who are compassionate leaders in seeking justice and peace.
  • People with a passion for social and economic justice who work together for human rights and a sustainable environment.
  • A creative community that challenges us to see the world with new perspectives and gives voice to the human spirit through music and the Arts.

We are a place where hope is born – Hope that we as a congregation, nation, and world can live harmoniously, with arms that can reach across great divides to offer support, find friendship, and make peace. We give these gifts to the world.