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UUCA Congregational Survey Final Report May 2017 

Appendices for he Final Report:

A. UUCA Congregational Survey, Sept. 2014 

B. UUCA Congregational Survey Preliminary Report- Nov. 2016 

C. Demographics of Survey Participants 

D. Which Ends Statement Resonates Most

E. Ends Statement  Frequencies and Descriptives


UUCA Congregational Survey Final Report, Sept. 2014

Appendices for the Final Report:

A. UUCA Congregational Survey December 2013

B: UUCA Congregational Survey Preliminary Report – May 2014

C. Demographics of Survey Participants

D. Which Ends Statement Resonates Most – Sample Responses

E. Ends Statements Survey Items – Number, Mean, Standard Deviation

F. Participation Variables – Attendance, Membership, Activities, Volunteering

G. Comment Categories with Examples

H. Comment Categories – Frequencies and Praise or Criticism