Members of the congregation are the ultimate authority for UUCA. The congregation typically gathers for two Congregational Meetings each year, held in December and May. The congregation has adopted and periodically amends the UUCA Bylaws.

The Senior Minister is called by a vote of the congregation.

An elected Board of Trustees represents the congregation and conducts the business of the congregation, subject to authority granted under our Bylaws. The Board governs through Board Policies and acts on behalf of the congregation to further the congregation’s mission and chosen Ends.

The Nominating Committee presents nominees for the Board and for itself to the congregation for election.

The work of the congregation is done by ministry teams. Ministry teams are groups of many shapes and sizes that do things like plan events, run ongoing programs, or start new initiatives. Each ministry team has a staff liaison, and congregants are encouraged to go to staff for help with new ministry team ideas.

The work of UUCA is guided by a comprehensive set of executive policies and procedures, organized into seven functional categories. Visit the UUCA Policies and Procedures page to read and review the current versions of UUCA policies and procedures.