what does your devotion look like?

You are devoted to UUCA, and UUCA is devoted to you! Making a pledge in our yearly Stewardship campaign is a showing of that devotion. The funds raised through our yearly Stewardship drive enable our operations, programming, and staff.  From our innovative Sunday worship, enlightening multigenerational religious education, inspiring arts programs, and congregational fellowship groups, UUCA’s transformative programming is powered by your devotion! 

To meet our goal this year and sustain through inflation and other economic factors, we’re asking existing pledgers to increase their 2023 gift by 8% for 2024. 

We’ve Listened to You:  Choose Your Way to Give!

Beginning this year, we’re offering two options for pledging.

The first option is the Sustainer program. If you become a Sustainer, you’ll pledge an amount for the upcoming year. Each year after 2024, your pledge is increased annually by 6% and renewed automatically. We encourage this option because as it is both a way to live your devotion in action, and buoys our congregational health.  

If you prefer our time-honored tradition of annual pledging, it’s still available. Make a one-year commitment to empower our congregation. We treasure and cherish all gifts. All donations are tax deductible. 


A member of our Stewardship team will make personal contact with you. This trained volunteer will help you discern how you’d like to express your devotion this year. Following that conversation, you can come back here to make your pledge. If you have any questions, contact our team at stewardship@uuca.org.   

Show your devotion through an autorenewing gift that increases by 6% annually. Learn more here.

Use the traditional UUCA method to make a pledge for 2024. 

Dollars Pledged So Far

$900,000 GOAL


Should I make a traditional pledge or become a Sustainer?

Pledgers take part in our traditional mode of Stewardship pledging. You speak with a congregant volunteer to decide on your gift for this upcoming calendar year. Your gift is only good for one calendar year. 

Sustainers select their gift for this upcoming calendar year, knowing that each year after their gift will increase by a flat rate of 6%. Barring a need to change their donation amount, Sustainers will only need to set their gift one time.

We recommend the Sustainer option as an easy, set-and-forget way to express your ongoing devotion to UUCA!

How does the Sustainer program account for economic factors?

In the Sustaining Pledge program, your annual commitment will be automatically increased by a flat rate of 6% each year. This consistent adjustment allows us to plan effectively for the future, ensuring that your contribution continues to make a meaningful impact over time.

What if my financial situation changes, and I need to adjust my pledge?

We recognize that circumstances can change. Whether you are a Pledger or a Sustainer, you’ll always have the flexibility to adjust your commitment. Simply reach out to our Stewardship team, and we’ll assist you with any changes.

How secure is the Sustainer method? I'm concerned about my personal information.

Your security and privacy are paramount to us. We employ industry-standard encryption and follow best practices to ensure your information is kept safe. Feel free to contact us for more details on our security measures.

Will the new Sustainer program affect our ability to reach out to the community for other special needs?

No, the Sustainer program is specifically designed to support our congregation’s regular operational needs, not to replace or impair other fundraising efforts. While this new approach streamlines our annual stewardship campaign and allows for more focused and consistent
support of daily operations, it will work in parallel with other targeted campaigns. Whether it’s a capital campaign to invest in our facilities or a unique opportunity like the Rev it Up! matching program, the Sustainer program will enhance, not hinder, our ability to engage our community in
these vital initiatives. The flexibility inherent in this model ensures that we can continue to respond to special needs and opportunities without compromising our regular commitments.

How do I set up payment for the Sustainer program, and how will adjustments be handled?

Initiating payment for the Sustainer program is straightforward and secure via our church’s CMS, Realm. Upon enrollment, the chosen contribution amount will be securely drafted from your checking account or credit card, based on your preference.

What distinguishes the Sustainer program is its hassle-free design. Each year, your annual commitment will be automatically increased by a flat 6% rate. This allows us to establish a reliable and predictable financial foundation for our initiatives. We will inform you well in advance of this annual adjustment to maintain transparency and your ongoing comfort with the process. Should you have any questions or require further assistance, our staff is always available to guide you through the setup.