We bring you the February installment of “Where I am on my environmental journey” with this post from Lizanne Moore. Look forward to hearing from a different member of the Climate Action Team every month in 2024. Are you interested in sharing about your journey? Email us and let’s talk!


My journey began with great enthusiasm in my late teens and early 20s (late 1960, early 70s – remember John Denver?). I became a vegetarian, was reading Mother Earth News (still do). and joined the Sierra Club. I didn’t own a car, so I was walking and taking the bus. I always made sure to live in close proximity to grocery stores, shops, and libraries. I ate organic as much as I could back in those days and rarely ate out. I was pretty good at living my stated values.

Then I got a car when I inherited my Dad’s old Datsun 210 when he bought a new car. Oh boy! I could go any place and live anywhere, and I took a cross country trip!  I fully embraced drive throughs (OK, I only got fries but still… DRIVE throughs!). So in my 30s, I fully embraced being a car person and hardly ever took  MARTA although I still chose to live close to my work and grocery stores. My mouth was very committed to environmental causes and concerns, but it didn’t actually show in my life. Oh, I did buy one of the early compact fluorescent bulbs. It cost me $15 but lasted for over 20 years – pretty good investment environmentally and financially!

In my 40s, I bought my little house in Decatur and finally started to live my commitment… sometimes and sort of.

I did invest in more CF lightbulbs and cut my own grass with a push reel mower (for a while because the hill in front of my house got harder to handle with each passing year). I was pretty consistent about organic gardening and using hand tools rather than power ones. In my 50s, I became much more politically aware of the environment, largely because that was when the “powers that be” began attempting to weaken regulations. Remember the Bush years? It started to get scary.

I retired in my early 60s and became much more politically committed to environmental action of all sorts and decided to finally, finally start really using my voice. Hey, everyone who was a climate change denier was yelling plenty loud. Time to yell back! I started going down to the Capitol, attending protests, showing up at the Public Service Commission meetings, and writing letters and postcards. I also became more careful of how I lived, what I ate, and what companies I supported.

So I feel like I’ve come full circle in some ways. Although no longer a vegetarian, I am much more committed to protecting this beautiful home. I can’t say I’m good about taking buses, but I take MARTA when it’s going my way, and I’ve made a conscious decision to keep my car off the road at least three or more days a week. I’ve become annoying to my climate change denying relatives (we’ve all got them!), but after all my wandering, I do persist, not perfectly but with greater clarity, commitment, and even joy. The support of my friends from the Climate Action Team, the Sierra Club, and the Climate Reality Leadership Corps help to keep me positive. And I no longer feel like a lost wanderer, but home on this fragile, beautiful planet. Home.

• • •

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