What does it mean to go above and beyond? To love beyond belief? To embrace transformation?

As we begin an exciting new chapter on our new campus, we can see the culmination of the work of UUCA. This community has made incredible strides throughout our long history of transformation and action. Our continued dedication to justice, wonder, and generosity amongst our other core values has allowed us to craft a stunning space to house a beautiful community.

What would it mean, then, if in this time of celebration we were able to not just fulfill but exceed our dreams? Start a ground-breaking art gallery that could change the way our faith thinks about its cultural impact? Reinvigorate a welcome team that is truly radical in its mission? Provide opportunities to feed our community? Lead our faith in climate initiatives?



To fulfill and exceed our dreams, we’re committed to making this our million dollar year. You were the engine that built this new campus on which all these things are possible. We need the power of your continued generosity! Do you want to see these visions come to fruition? Pledge today to join us in going above and beyond!