The Save & Savor the Earth blog is about to mark its second birthday! The Climate Action Team has published a new post every week for the past two years. We tip our hats to our regular readers and invite others of you to click on the teaser link each week in UUCA’s Weekly Update. Here are a few snippets from 2023 posts you should definitely check out – or revisit! Click the boldfaced title to read the full post. 

Over recent years, the deniers and the haters have had the loudest voices. Just because they are the loudest does not mean that they are the majority. This is especially true regarding the climate crisis. ”Just talk about it”


Do you – like many of us – struggle to reconcile the conditioning of your education, your upbringing, and your lifestyle with the increasingly urgent call for radical measures to reduce greenhouse gasses? Do you feel a tightening in your chest when you read alarming headlines and horrifying statistics? Do you anguish about your own agency in disrupting a status quo that’s woefully out of sync with environmental preservation? You are a member, and this is what we members share. “You are already an important member”

We need to remain clear eyed in order to maintain our diligence, but we also need to recognize that all is not hopeless. The key is allowing ourselves to hold the grief and the hope all at the same time. “Holding hope and grief: Our stories matter”

Shaky ground precludes sure footing, and that necessitates staying on our toes. “Attempting to stand on shaky ground”

Hear that silence? It’s the collective jaw drop of decades of activists who have rallied for us to change our habits, buy fewer and different products, and – of course – rethink, reduce, reuse, and recycle. That silence is the audience’s hush when the familiar paradigm of personal responsibility begins to exit stage left, but the new paradigm has yet to enter from the opposite wings. “There’s really nothing we can do?”

When we are given a gift, it is our responsibility and our honor to reciprocate, to give back in return. It is not our right to keep taking. “Words matter: Changing our story”

Honoring the personal ecosystems of those I interact with then becomes as important as protecting the natural ecosystems that exist all around me. “Meet people where they are? Oh no.”

While we may say that we love everything about nature or our natural world, it is difficult to love and save “everything.” I ask you to think of one thing that you love and let that inspire you to do the work. I truly believe that when we are doing the work in honor of that which we love, we can find great joy in it. Motivation that comes from love”

We can address the needs of others and protect the planet through our daily choices, our financial generosity, and our willingness to show up as often as our energy permits. We can focus on the ripple effect of empowering small actions and offer encouragement to the risk-takers, the innovators, the organizers, the creatives, and the healers. We can accept that the comfort and conveniences many of us enjoy enable us to focus not on survival, but on compassionate responses and imaginative solutions to the challenges we simply can not ignore. “What do we really want?”

The passion that motivates members of UUCA’s social justice teams is real. Small in size, these groups meet regularly, plan carefully, and work hard to live UU values. And these groups regularly invite the whole church to magnify their impact. Let’s be clear: these social justice groups are not simply representatives of the congregation. They are the wheels that keep UUCA’s social justice work on track. “How wide is our church?”

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