It was my responsibility to write this week’s post for the Save and Savor the Earth blog. I need to be honest: recently, I have been weary. My heart is heavy with the news of the day – the slaughter of innocent civilians in Israel and Gaza, the callousness of our new Speaker of the House looking to sacrifice funding to the Inflation Reduction Act to provide humanitarian aid. I am also coming away from a recent weekend with family members who are somehow able to deny or ignore the crisis that envelopes us. I was a bit lost and in need of inspiration. So, as one does, I searched the Internet for a boost. In the pursuit of that inspiration and spark, I came across some resources worth sharing.

The Climate Optimist is always a good go-to for positive forward looking news on climate change, but their post on the Climate Creators to watch was especially refreshing. Through this list, I found Oli Frost, who creates novelty songs about climate change such as “The Vampire Conspiracy” which he reveals that climate change is a conspiracy made up by socialist vampires! Quite a hoot. 

The World Economic Forum featured “Future Forward,” a six-part docuseries in which “each character-driven storyline serves as an inspiring example of real, groundbreaking work happening now, demonstrating to other companies that a net-zero carbon journey is both possible and crucial.” Check out this trailer.

Yale Climate Connections provides a review of 12 books to help you stay inspired to fight climate change. There are definitely some there, like “The Future is Not Fixed,” that I definitely want to check out. There is even a review of “Not Too Late,” one of the books in our extensive CAT Lending Library, where you can check out a book from Climate Action Team members any time. 

If social media is more your speed, Forks Over Knives has a post highlighting 10 Inspiring Eco Experts to Follow on Social Media. You can find Suzy Amis Cameron advocating for plant based diets to combat climate change on Facebook. Or check out Intersectional Environmentalist on Instagram to engage “in climate change actions through the lens of social justice by identifying how racism, sexism, and other systems of oppression inform the priorities of the eco movement.”

Since we UUs believe in our Seventh Principle, I suspect you often need inspiration as well. I hope these resources help buoy you to keep up the work!

• • •

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