We interrupt your normally-scheduled blog content to report that you have done something… GREAT! That is, if you have donated to UUCA’s Carbon Offset fund over the past several years. The Climate Action Team oversees the fund and voted several months ago to pay off the debt on the electric vehicle (EV) charging stations located in the parking lot on the side nearest the sanctuary. The COF grant, proposed by Sue Certain and Bryce Thomason, allocated $10,730 to pay off the debt incurred by the purchase and installation of the EV charging unit. You will now find a sign at the charger celebrating the generosity of all who contributed to the fund.

But wait, there’s more! The move to our new campus offered us the chance to be intentional about a larger green space, and the Climate Action Team approved funding from the COF to secure a plan to do just that. We are in the final stages of contracting with Shades of Green Permaculture to design a full-site plan that the church can implement with volunteer help as funding allows. This will be much more than a traditional planting plan. It will include water retention and storage as well as healthy land use. The cost of the permaculture plan is expected to be approximately $3,600.

Project Phoenix helped ensure that our facilities are energy efficient and minimize UUCA’s carbon footprint. Now, through the Carbon Offset Fund, the Climate Action Team is moving us toward a greener stewardship of our campus and our service to local EV drivers. You can learn more about the Carbon Offset Fund and make a contribution here. It’s an especially great thing to do after you have taken a trip – by car, plane, or cruise ship – that has had a negative carbon impact on the planet. According to the World Travel & Tourism Council, 8 to 10% of global CO2 emissions are caused by the travel and tourism sector. Are you interested in calculating the carbon impacts of your travel and more? This calculator is a good starting point.

A huge thank you to all who have contributed to the Carbon Offset Fund! Demonstrate how how much you save and savor the Earth by making the COF a regular part of your post-travel giving at UUCA.

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JOURNEY WITH US: The Climate Action Team is for you. Yes, you. Because you want to act on your love for the planet and because you need caring companions as you navigate these changing times. Learn all about the group here, and check out our lending library and Carbon Offset Fund. Contact Nicole Haines to connect to the CAT and join us for our next Zoom meeting on Nov. 20.