As I am starting my journey with helping the environment (snail’s pace or not), I have been thinking: how do I influence others to come along?

I had an experience recently that made me think of this differently. I attended a chanting program at my small meditation center. I noticed that not many people were chanting, but I felt pulled to chant, and so I did. It felt and sounded beautiful to me. I thought to myself: those other people should be chanting, too. Why aren’t they?

And then I noticed that it was actually beautiful to chant almost solo, with the accompaniment of partial silence, so I focused on that. 

Eventually, as others joined me, I was grateful for their company, and that made the experience beautiful in a different way.

I thought afterwards about me wanting to bring others along in helping the environment. I thought that maybe my pull to serve the environment is kind of like chanting almost solo, with just a few others for now – not mainstream yet. Maybe I can be at peace with the beauty of that, and as others join me, I will be grateful for that as well.

• • •

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