So this is my first blog post ever…

I would like to share with you my environmental journey, one that is just beginning. It started for me a year and a half ago, when I was challenged by one of my spiritual teachers to become an “Earth Buddy” over Zoom along with millions of other participants. I thought about it and realized that the environment has always been important to me, and even though I was super afraid of saying yes – because I knew that would be a commitment that I would want to fulfill – I said yes… in my head.

The tricky part after that was that I did not want to deal with the environment or even hear about it because it was painful and overwhelming for me, but I carved out a little time and at least read what the request was to become an Earth Buddy. One of the main requests was to spread a cause (like “Save Soil”) by posting on social media, for example. I thought to myself, nothing that I post or say would have any impact on any of my current social circles, so how would I actually make an impact in a way that would affect people? 

I started thinking: how do I get involved in an organization that could hear me, a group that is already working on this, because I need a foot in the door? I’ve got me, myself, and no one listening to me at the moment, and I’m not even listening very well myself. 

I started by searching Facebook for a friend from my past that I remembered was active with helping the environment. Amazingly, I saw this workshop that she (Beth Remmes) would be leading called “The Work that Reconnects: A Workshop of Sacred Activism,” based on teachings of Joanna Macy. This workshop was designed to actually deal with our feelings about the environment and process grief, which seemed like a necessary next step because the topic is so painful to me and because I resist starting new things anyway.

So I went to that workshop, which is where I met Jon Reese, who co-leads the UUCA Climate Action Team. After that and a similar retreat, it helped me face my pain enough that I could take the next baby steps. That included attending CAT meetings.

So fast forward a year… Now I am attending the CAT meetings. I even helped start a sub-group called Easy and Fun Activism, where – to help overcome some of my resistance – we get together as a small group, knock out some items on an activism to-do list for 45 minutes, and then do something fun for 15 minutes. With Bert Pearce’s guidance at our last session, I was able to write and send a letter to the Georgia Environmental Protection Division to demand they stop mining efforts that will harm the Okefenokee Swamp.

The more I learn about the environment, the more important it becomes to play my part. Now I am ready to take those continued resistance-fraught next steps. This is my first blog post. Maybe I will show up at UUCA after a service to help people choose what goes into the recycle bins.

Like I said, I am on the journey now, and even though (as my husband likes to tell me) my efforts in this area may be futile, get overturned or overshadowed, it is important to me. I feel that when I am on my deathbed looking back, I will be so happy that I did what I could. 

• • •

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