We need you. We need to hear your thoughts and feelings about how we can help our congregation to be better stewards of the earth. We are coming away from all of the festivities and learning opportunities offered by Earth Month, including an inspiring sermon from Rev. Taryn on rewilding – our world and ourselves. Our question, though, is this: How do we help each other move forward?

We know the task ahead of us seems daunting, but it is also exciting. We have so much opportunity for what Joanna Macy calls the great turning. We have been challenged by the sermon several weeks ago to wonder, “What if it turns out okay?” That leads me to consider what needs to be done by all of us now for that to happen.

That’s where you come in. In celebration of Climate Action Week, the Climate Action Team offered several congregation events, including a screening of a short documentary produced by one of our own members, a gardening day, and an in-person film screening about alternative electricity production. The quality of discussions and energy of those who participated was fantastic, and we are so grateful to have shared that time with them. The downside is that we had far less participants than we would have hoped. Perhaps these were not the offerings that are relevant to you. Maybe you have ideas for programs you would like to see. 

In essence, the CAT would love to hear from you about what we can do to help you take your passion for the earth – which we know that you feel – and take your next step. Would you like book clubs? Are you more into film screenings? And what types of films interest you? Do you want to get your hands dirty? If so, how would you like to start digging in? Are you interested in participatory learning or are you more comfortable in a classroom type of setting?

We want to be a resource to you, a support for your environmental journey. We would love to hear your thoughts about how to accomplish that goal. If you see any of us at Sunday service or in another congregational activity, reach out. Ask us a question in Realm or check in with us when our team tables in the social hall after service. 

We want to hear from you. For that matter, let us know how you like the blog and what else we can offer here that would benefit you. Email me at hip2bveg@gmail.com. We all look forward to partnering with you on this adventure!

• • •

JOURNEY WITH US: The Climate Action Team extends a radical welcome to activists, contemplatives, readers, meditators, questioners, tree hugging hippies, scientists, policy wonks, radicals, pacifists, nature enthusiasts, and all who seek community as we navigate our changing times together. Learn all about the group here, and check out our lending library and Carbon Offset Fund grant opportunity. Contact Jon Reese to connect to the CAT and join us on Zoom for our next monthly meting on Monday, May 15.