We are the Earth Mamas, a small group of women who came together out of shared concerns for our world and our families. Each day brings more news of the devastation to our planet and people, caused by all of us, especially in our consumerist country. The problems are now so great that it is overwhelming to think about how to reverse the trajectory we are on.

For the past few months, we have worked on an Environmental Action Plan, a simple list of steps that anyone can adapt in their daily routines. Choose one item from our list and implement it in your household. Include everyone; assign responsibilities, keep a scorecard on the refrigerator, whatever it takes to motivate and make it a fun project. Keep adding new items to your daily routines.

When we began our research, one mama took on composting and in the process learned a great deal. The best part came when she drove to the Wylde Center at 435 Oakview Road in Decatur and made her contribution to their composting bins. The bonus was when she discovered she had one less garbage bag of trash each week to be added to the landfill. It was a win-win! (You can find a list of what you can compost on the Wylde Center website under services.)

Let’s work together, act in the face of our fears, and make a difference, small as it may be. If we can’t change the trajectory, at least we can choose not to add to the problem.

Please read our Environmental Action Plan, share this with your family, friends, and neighbors and maybe make it a joint project. Our shared future depends on it.

– Earth Mamas

Ann Akroyd, Gretchen Ezell, Kathy Judy, Gail Livingston, Jeanne McCarthy, Patricia Russell, Aimee Wise