Permits & Inspections:
Building Inspector call in for electrical room wall; will ask for Wing TCO needs;Elevator inspection planned for next week once heat detector in shaft resolved.

No issues

Wing Floor 2 – Final cleaning today; waiting for countertops for sink install; starting punch list; waiting for some light replacements today (intumescent paint overspray)
Wing Floor 1 – final painting underway now; maybe final cleaning next week and close to the trades.
Sanctuary – Flooring in next few weeks, stage construction underway
Hardscape/Landscape – Paving for dumpster pad and more sidewalks tomorrow, red dye needed for driveway concrete has caused delivery issues; memorial garden pads poured in 2 weeks, Monument sign base dig and pour in two weeks – have template from vendor for bolt placement; sign delivery in 30 days
Kitchen – Friday scheduled equipment installation; FRP delivered today for walls; looking for glue
Round Window – Delivery date probably by June 20; millwork is pushing for installation
Additional site paving on Saturday.

Georgia Power/Green Energy:
Still no word re: scheduled electrical shutdown and installation

Change Orders:
37 – Stage Trough floor box still pending – 24×24 instead of 18×18 approved
42 – Memorial Garden concrete bridge – Canceled
44 – Topping Out Social Hall Walls (sound) – to be reduced to roughly $5263 – Approved
46 – Sanctuary Winch Power – $814 – Approved
48 – Light Pole Remediation – pending
50 – Sanctuary Winch Installation – to be reduced (roughly $2000)
53 – Knox Boxes (emergency response access) – $1185 – APproved
54 – Wood Rafter Int Paing (Fire/Blg Insp) –  TBD (labor by hour & materials)
TBD – Moving Social Hall Thermostat
TBD – Stained Glass LED Diffuser Panel

Parking Lot Light Poles:
After weeks of research including four new photometric light studies, we now have a number of possible options under consideration to address the parking lot lighting issues with the HOA. The estimated change order will be in the neighborhood of of $20-25K. We will have more information next week on the final costs.

Still getting some water runoff to the parking lot/kitchen corner of the Wing.
Field report noted some deficiencies for Choate to address.

We’ve received granite samples from Homecoming Inc for the new columbarium and will pass along to the memorial garden team.

New & Old Business:
Review Sanctuary Lobby light issue in field; conduits are obtrusive; unistrut should be painted white; excess bolt thread should be cut
Child-size toilet specified but drawings show adult-sized; Dawn to follow up w/ plumbing engineer
3 sets of doors were to have hardware salvaged; doors were trashed instead; Dawn to review possible replacements
Gutter color samples need to be reviewed by CCCA (slight white color change from spec)
Millwork for stage face TBD
Due to cost increases, agreed to reduced footprint for playground rubber under the Oodle swing; fall zones still protected; oval shape vs vase shape preferred
Remove mullions from 2 sanctuary doors
Bryce’s flist of pending items incorporated by Choate in their list
TSAV sanctuary speakers are now hung
Most Transcend building cameras were installed this week and are working well
Monument Sign details being worked out between Bryce and the vendor; expect all info needed for permit by end of day today.
Admin furniture may start arriving this week